About the Company

JSONG International Inc. was founded by Way Zen and her business partner, Hon Pan Siu, in 1997.

In 2014, we transitioned to focus on sustainable fashion and moved our production to New York City. We changed our business model to Made on Demand with zero inventory waste. We are building a studio that has transparent practices, so our customers know who makes your clothing, how it is made, and where it is made.

Our sustainability practices:

  • Made locally in New York City.
  • Made on demand with zero inventory waste.
  • Use minimal dyes and natural fabrics when possible.
  • Use less resources to create beautiful high quality fashion by up-cycling, re-styling and making alterations.
  • Develop unique patterns to use fabric scraps for new designs.
  • Make high quality products that can be passed on to future generations.
  • Teach and share techniques to our interns, and also through workshops for designers.
  • Observe fair trade rules and UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Open and honest company operation policy.

JSONG has been continuously building a sustainable business structure and plans to continue to grow and to use our influence to make the world a better place. JSong is carried in additional specialty boutiques across the United States and internationally. To find the location nearest you, please contact us by calling 212.736.1189 or by emailing

About Designer Way Zen

“I draw inspiration from both Eastern and Western cultures.  I bow to the West to thank the East and bow to the East to thank the West.”

Way Zen is a fashion designer based in New York City. She was born in a small village in Canton, China. As a child, she created her own clothing from well-worn pieces in her parents’ closet. This was the start of Way’s design signature: patching together contrasting textures and unique motifs into structural lines with decorative details all in perfect harmony.

She studied English at Shenzhen University. As she learned more about Western culture from fashion magazines, the books of Joseph Campbell and the biography of Leonardo Da Vinci, she became fascinated with the world outside of her homeland.

Way moved to Canada in 1989 and studied design at Seneca College in Toronto. She created sportswear and dress designs for Join Sand, an embroidered garment manufacturer. This successful partnership led to the creation of Way Zen’s JSONG in 1990. With gratitude to Join Sand, Way used the initials “J.S.” and added “ong” from song. JSONG is her design label and also represents her commitment to bring Joy and Song to all the people who make, wear or encounter JSONG fashions. The brand is inspired by nature and the beauty of the cultures she encountered throughout her journey.

During the first year of business, Way Zen designed a capsule grouping of 12 pieces that was eagerly purchased by Canadian specialty stores. By word of mouth, her company began to grow. In 1997, she moved and established a showroom in New York City. She presented a complete collection of 50 pieces to a nationwide cross-section of specialty store buyers at the ENK Intermezzo Show. The buyers wrote their orders with joy. Since then, the JSONG label has grown organically and Way’s designs are carried by 800 fine specialty stores worldwide.

"The world has changed and our responsibilities also must change. As a fashion design company, we must be able to create designs which can bring meaning, beauty, and healing to elevate the spirit of the people."  Way Zen

Three of Way Zen's designs from JSONG Spring 2015 were selected for the RTW Trend Overview by one of fashion industry's most respected editors, Marylou Luther, in her Fashion Group Foundation presentation.  Way's designs are also featured in WWD,,, World Journal and China Press.