$ 350.00



October 2, 9, 10, 2017


6:00 PM to 8:30PM


JSong Studio

149B West 36th Street, Ground Floor

New York, NY 10018

REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to bring a laptop to class.

A hands-on workshop where participants will be introduced to 3D printing and its history, see examples of its use in fashion today, and take a look at what’s coming in the future.

Students will learn the fundamentals of 3D CAD design and will get hands-on experience designing and producing in 3D and using a desktop 3D printer.  At completion each attendee will have a 3D printed object of their own creation and a resource list to further their explorations.

Session 1: Hour 1 - An overview of 3D printing in fashion. Where it is now and where it’s going.  Hour 2 - Introduction to Tinkercad and an overview of all the tools and how they can be used to create objects.

Session 2: Both hours dedicated to getting comfortable with Tinkercad and to begin creating their object.

Session 3: Refining their designs to enable printing, printing their accessories, discussion of the future of 3D printed fashion and presentation of resources to further their education.



SYLVIA HEISEL is a fashion designer and creative director, and is an expert on 3D printing, functional fashion, design for smart wearables and new materials manufacturing applications for fashion.  A member of the CFDA, Sylvia’s women’s designer eveningwear collection was carried in America’s best specialty stores for over 25 years.

Currently developing a work-flow and manufacturing system for 3D printed apparel she was named one of the "12 Amazing People You Need To Know In New York Fashion Tech".

SCOTT TAYLOR is a visual artist and an authority on 3D printing for art, design and fashion applications. He teaches after-school instructors the fundamentals of 3D printing and CAD design and runs hands-on classes that combine 3D printing and art at the Grand Street Settlement Clubhouse in Lower Manhattan.

As a partner in Heisel, Scott is developing software and a workflow for 3D printed apparel and teaches 3D printing to fashion students.


Requests for course withdrawal/refund of tuition must be made in writing to Edward Kwang (jsongteam@jsongway.com) 24 business hours prior to the start of a program for a full refund.  Requests received after a course's completion cannot be fulfilled.
Beginning the first day of class, refunds are not available.

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